Thursday, July 17, 2014

Oops...Having too much fun!

Hello folks,

I realized it had been a while since my last blog post, but I didn't realize that two months had zipped by!  End of school, summer camps, trips, my kids' and the hubby's B-days.. what else can you pile up?  Amidst all the summer shenanigans, I have been doing some fun custom pieces and filling orders.  I also started metal smithing classes at Whaley Studios in Hillcrest.  The sky is the limit there...totally free reign.  Major learning curve!  I am loving it. 

I've got a few more jewelry classes on the schedule as well at Bead Gallery in Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa in August.  Doing Viking Weave Pendants, Viking Weave rings and Crystal Ladder Bracelets.  See link below for dates.  Thank you to my awesome friends: Lora Conover, Gemma White and Christine Kachulis for your patience during a crazy class at the Bead Gallery in May!

I've got a few shows coming up this summer:

August 1, Friday,  4 pm - 8 pm
Art Walk, Bernardo Winery,

August 3, Sunday, 9 am - 2 pm
San Marcos Farmer's Market and Art Fair

August 29, Friday, 4 pm - 8 pm
Art Walk, Bernardo Winery

September 7, Sunday, 9 am - 2 pm
San Marcos Farmer's Market and Art Fair

My Classes at the Bead Gallery: (click on link for more info)

August 8, Friday, 12 pm - 3 pm
"Rock my World" Ring class

August 16, Saturday, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Viking Weave Pendant class

August 16, Saturday, 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Crystal Ladder Bracelet class!calendar/c1bxa

Fall show schedule:  (more details down the road)

RBCPC Craft Fair: Oct 17/18
Curie Craft Fair, Nov 1
Talmadge Art Fair: Nov 23

And now....for the photo gallery.  Please contact me directly for prices through Facebook, text/cell or email. 
Thank you for checking out Wire Harmony.


My first metal piece! Sterling silver cuff with attitude.  Handmade from the coin on down.

Custom copper wrapped stone pieces.

Square wire wrap adapted for craggy crystal

Pendant stone provided by client, the rest created by me.

Swarovski Crystal ring.

Chain maille designs

Main wire of earrings is all one piece.  Silver filled.  Any colors crystals available

Triple crystal ladder bracelet

Tiger eye provided by client, rest done by me.

Convertible double strand necklace/ single strand necklace and bracelet.  My original design.

Large Labradorite center stone, assorted little stones around rest of cuff.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Time to hit the show circuit again...

Hello Wire Harmony friends, family and fans,

I have been laying low since the beginning of the year, basking in no immediate deadlines.  It's been great to take some time off for other fun adventures and spending time with you all.  It has also been a time of experimentation, my personal favorite.  I am gravitating towards metals and have been having a great time banging away (literally) in the garage.  Craig has informed me that my constant hammering is a bit loud and can be heard down the street with the garage door open.  (Oops!)  I finally got smart and started using something other than my finger to hold down these tiny bits of metal as I smash away at them, to avoid further black and blue fingertips.  Ouch.  Soooooo, not much in the way of actual sellable pieces, but loads of stress relief!

Last week, I had a blast teaching my first ever jewelry class at the Bead Gallery.  My awesome friend, Mrs. Kimmy, surprised me by showing up as a last minute student.  Her silver druzy ring WAS the bomb, I must say.  (Look up druzy if you don't know what it is...;0)  So, I plan to teach more classes pretty soon.  Thanks to all my peeps who are considering a class!  Donna also gives you 20% off anything in the store when you come to a class, pretty cool.

Photo: Look what Jewelry designer/maker Sarah Miller taught me to make!  Fabulous! #RockMyWorld @BeadGallery

After a nice long reprieve, it's time to get back into the swing of things.  Most immediately, I will be at the North Park Festival of the Arts again! This time, I secured a spot in the much sought after N.P. Craft Mafia section on University near Ray.  It's one block down from the craft beer block...yummy.  There will be bands, food, art, kids area, etc.  Come down and soak up the culture.

North Park Festival of the Arts
Saturday, May 17th, 2014
11 am to 6 pm

I am also going to hit the San Marcos Farmer's Market about once a month.  It's behind Restaurant Row off San Marcos Blvd.   10 am to 2 pm.  I'll update my FB page with my actual dates.

I wanted to make something special for my mom for Mother's Day.  She has long told me, "You should make pins!"  I made a couple (which sold, as she predicted) but I got away from it.  I decided to do a beaded leaf pin for her, and I am so thrilled with how it turned out.  So, I am excited to make more! (Mom is always right, right??)

I hope everyone has been healthy and happy since we last chatted.  Stay in touch and let me know if you can make it to an event some time.

For mom.
Contact me for prices!

And now.....the gallery.

Special order from Anne S.. a classic

These are the rings I am teaching at Bead Gallery. Works for many stones

Stamping and riveting...oh, the joy.

I sawed the colored copper pieces and used antique carpet nails for rivets. Love Ace Hardware!!

The woven edges are super cool. Made a great past time for 10 hours in car to Zion

Dream catcher

Made with amethyst, ametrine and paua shell

Thanks honey for letting me hit the rock shop in Zion!

Chinese blue and white, I am always drawn to it. Triple chain with twisted wire in between

Chain mail and Swarovski can a girl go wrong?

Another Zion find.  Sweet lapis cabochons.

Swirly pearls.  Love em.

I designed this as a convertible necklace.  Take the little heart strand out and you have a bracelet too.

Presto..the bracelet!


Who's that girl sporting the Wire Harmony hat???  It's everywhere!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One door closes, another one opens

Hello Friends,

Since I have chosen to allow the whims of creativity to shape a significant part of my life, it has been has been a big shift for me.  I have always enjoyed creating, but I never really invested myself in it.  Anyone who commits to producing on a regular basis in any creative endeavor, be it painting, jewelry, writing, speaking, acting, scrap booking, sewing, playing music, doing comedy, crafting and a million others...probably knows the roller coaster of highs and lows that I have experienced in the past couple of years.  But, even though it can be very frustrating and I sometimes wonder, "Why? Why am I doing this?"  My question is answered in short order by the excitement I feel at the prospect of learning a new skill or marveling over the explosions of ideas constantly bouncing around in my head.  When I get any kind of validation, that's all I need to convince myself that it is worth it! 

I really loved being at the Bernardo Winery, and it has been a bummer that I have not been able to continue there.  Too many jewelry vendors, not enough space.  But, I decided, one door closes and another one opens.  And, so it has!

Wire Harmony is hitting stores...

A lovely friend, Misty Young, picked up a bunch of my pieces for her growing boutique dress business, Skirts, Skirts and Dresses.  Her new website has just gone live!! Check it out to see her awesome selection of super cute designer dresses for a fraction of retail.  I know first hand, I tried a bunch of them and felt like a million bucks.  Of course, check out the jewelry sections below for my pieces.  Thanks so much Misty!!

I also have had the honor of having some of my pieces on display at
Partners Boutique at The Unity Center in Mira Mesa
(Sorry about photo quality, my phone camera is horrible.) 
The shop is open around the 9 & 11 am services on Sundays

Getting into Teaching 

I have been thinking about passing along my love of jewelry making by getting into  teaching. A couple of opportunities came my way and it looks like I will be teaching classes at the amazing Bead Gallery in Scripps Ranch! This is a beautiful, high end bead store that always has a wonderful assortment of classes. I hope to have some on the schedule for May...stay tuned!


As far as shows, I have been accepted into the juried North Park Craft Mafia section of the North Park Festival of the Arts!

North Park Festival of the Arts
May 17th from 11 am to 6 pm
30th and University

An event blurb:
The 18th Annual North Park Festival of Arts brings together all of the hipness that is North Park. This annual free festival boasts amazing local art, exciting live music and dance performances, eco-friendly and hands-on art activities, an array of shopping opportunities, fabulous food an a celebration of local beer.

I have not signed up for other shows yet because I need to build up my stock.  I am focused on selecting high end, quality shows this year.

And...the photo gallery!

Thank you for reading and being part of my passion.  Prices available upon request. 

Blessings to all,